A Cleaner Earth for Them


We need to keep this earth clean for us and our dogs and our circular approach to sustainability does just that. Through a sustainable approach in our products, packaging and baking process we strive to reduce our carbon "paw" print.

Locally sourced ingredients

Our biscuits are made with locally sourced and fresh ingredients which allows us to reduces our carbon footprint.

Renewable Energy

Williwaw partners with Bullfrog Power to generate renewable energy and offset our energy use.

100% Compostable bags

Williwaw biscuits are packed in a compostable bag made with kraft paper and a plant based biodegradable liner to provide you a sustainable option.

Zero Waste

Williwaw is a Zero Waste to Landfill bakery. Waste is repurposed into steam used by a paper plant to offset our use of paper packaging.